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By Victor Strelzow, MD
January 12, 2017
Category: ENT
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Anyone who has ever had sinusitis knows that the congestion and stuffiness associated with it can make breathing difficult. For Sinusitisindividuals who are afflicted with chronic sinusitis, having trouble breathing can be an ongoing struggle. Fortunately, there are sinusitis treatments in Irvine, CA, to help you breathe better. An experienced Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, such as Dr. Victor Strelzow, can help you determine which treatment method might be most effective for you.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a sinus infection caused by inflammation or a blockage in the pathways that help the sinuses drain. When the sinus pathways are blocked or swollen due to inflammation, they cannot drain properly, which can lead to congestion, trouble breathing, sinus headaches and other symptoms. Antibiotics and nasal decongestants can provide some relief from the symptoms of sinusitis. However, individuals who struggle with chronic sinusitis can benefit from more advanced treatment methods, such as endoscopic sinus surgery.

Treatment Methods

Before a particular treatment method is chosen, Dr. Strelzow will perform diagnostic testing during your in-office exam in order to accurately diagnose your specific sinus problems(s). Once a diagnosis has been made, possible treatments for sinusitis include endoscopic sinus surgery and balloon sinuplasty dilation procedure. Not all Ear, Nose and Throat doctors are able to provide these particular sinusitis treatments in Irvine, CA. Be sure to see a doctor with experience performing these procedures.

Endoscopic sinus surgery can provide long-lasting relief from chronic sinusitis. During the surgical procedure, a tool called an endoscope is placed inside the nose. The endoscope allows the doctor to clearly view the sinuses and clear them of any blockages, such as excessive tissue, small portions of bone or eve polyps. The procedure typically takes between 30 and 90 minutes to complete and patients go home the same day. Follow-up appointments are needed for a few weeks following surgery so that the doctor can clear out any mucus or dried blood.

Balloon sinuplasty is an alternative method to endoscopic sinus surgery for treating chronic sinusitis. This method does not involve cutting any tissue or bone. During the procedure, a flexible balloon catheter is inserted into the sinus pathways. Once inside, the balloon is inflated. As it inflates, the sinus pathways begin to expand. Saline is then sprayed inside the sinuses, which helps flush out mucus and anything else clogging up the sinuses. After flushing out the sinuses, the balloon catheter is removed and the sinuses remain open and clear.

Sinusitis can make it difficult to breathe easily, but there are treatments that can help you breathe better. In Irvine, sinusitis treatment is available from the office of Dr. Strelzow. To schedule an appointment, call the office at (949) 753-9299.