Are You in Need of Face or Neck Surgery?

By Victor Strelzow, MD
March 07, 2017
Category: ENT
Tags: face surgery   neck surgery  

There are many instances where face or neck reconstruction surgery may be required. Individuals with skin cancer, masses or growth in face surgery, neck surgerythat area, nose or sinus malignancies, throat or voicebox problems, enlargement of the thyroid gland or with parathyroid gland disorders are just some of the people who may need the help of a face and neck surgery specialist in Irvine, CA such as Dr. Victor Strelzow.

About Face & Neck Surgery

Reconstruction of the face and neck requires extensive training in soft tissue reconstruction techniques. This surgery aims to repair the area back to both function and appearance without any consequences of surgery. Each situation requires a consultation with a face and neck surgery specialist in Irvine to determine the best approach to each patient’s surgery.

When considering a facial reconstruction surgery, the extent of the defect, the patient’s functional needs such as swallowing and the amount and type of tissue required are all important factors to consider. After the technique is decided upon, a patient will be notified of all the potential risks associated with the surgery.

After surgery, the patient spends the first night in the intensive care unit in the hospital where they are monitored closely. The patient will remain there for at least a week’s time so they are monitored closely to ensure proper healing. They will have check-ups with nurses, head and neck surgeons, plastic surgeons and therapists who all will guide their healing process.

This type of surgery is highly personal and relative to each patient and their situation. This makes finding an experienced face and neck surgery specialist in Irvine, CA such as Dr. Strelzow important. To schedule an informative consultation with Dr. Strelzow, call 949-753-9299 today.