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By Victor Strelzow, MD
September 13, 2016
Category: ENT

How your ENT specialist in Irvine, CA can help with sinusitis

Chronic sinus issues can be uncomfortable and unfortunately, all too common. In fact, 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis, or balloon sinuplastyinflammation of the sinuses. You don’t have to suffer from the pressure, pain and headaches that come with sinusitis. Now there is a permanent solution; it’s called balloon sinuplasty dilation. Dr. Victor Strelzow is an ear, nose and throat specialist in Irvine, CA and an expert on treating sinus issues.

If you’ve tried over-the-counter treatments like saline rinses and still suffer the symptoms of sinusitis, it’s time to try the state-of-the-art, minimally invasive way to clear your sinuses and breathe easier permanently.

Consider balloon sinuplasty dilation if you suffer from:

  • Chronic sinus or nasal problems
  • Treatment-resistant sinus infections
  • Headaches surrounding your eyes
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose
  • A chronic bad taste in your mouth or bad breath

Your ENT specialist in Irvine performs balloon sinuplasty dilation in an outpatient setting while you are under general anesthesia. A wire catheter containing a tiny balloon is inserted into your nostril. When the catheter reaches your blocked sinus passage, the balloon is inflated. The inflated balloon works to gently open and widen your sinus passage. Once your sinus passage is opened, the balloon is deflated and the catheter is taken out. Your newly cleared sinus passage allows you to breathe easier than you ever thought possible.

Balloon sinuplasty dilation is a minimally-invasive treatment, much easier than conventional sinus surgery because it doesn’t require any incisions, cutting or removal of bone or tissue. There is less pain, less risk of infection and minimal bruising and swelling. This means minimal downtime for you!

If you have chronic sinusitis and you want to breathe easier, balloon sinuplasty dilation might be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. You need to seek out the services of an expert, like your ENT specialist in Irvine, CA, Dr. Strelzow. Call today and start breathing easier tomorrow!