STANFORD trained ENT Specialist in Irvine, CA

WELCOME to our web site describing our private E.N.T. practice that seeks to provide you with best in 'personalized specialty care'  for all of  your " Ear, Nose &Throat - Head & Neck " health concerns.

As a preferred EAR, NOSE & THROAT specialty practice, we want to introduce our highly experienced and caring professional office staff and our private practice's approach to your 'personalized healthcare', will help you consider the unique medical and surgical expertise we offer. Access to the latest diagnostic scans & imaging resources and leading-edge medical & surgical treatment technologies, as well as the most sophisticated in & outpatient healthcare facilities available.

Advanced Sub-specialized Expertise & Experience offered in:

In-office non-invasive advanced 'diagnostic' technologies including well tolerated direct nasal endoscopy, diagnostic fiber-optic laryngoscopy etc., help ensure the most accurate diagnoses and therefore help choosing the most successful treatment options for our patients to consider & together ensure the best-predicted outcomes.

In-office well tolerated 'minimally invasive' medical therapies, with little / no downtime, include:

    * Nose / Sinus / Throat:  Rigid &  Flexible Endoscopy - for better diagnosis and treatment success;

    * Balloon Sinuplasty Dilation office procedures - for chronic sinusitis, to help avoid more invasive surgery;

   *  Snoring Palateplasty procedures - for snoring reduction & sleep-disrupting noisy breathing complaints;

   *  Turbinate Reductions - in office, local technologies - to improve chronic nasal blockage & sinus congestion;


OUR informative web site also contains specific information about: our medical training & experience, office staff, our advanced medical & surgical services, practice policies and insurance information, new patient appointment requests, access to our own unique, secure Internet based  'Patient Portal' => Computerized Medical Record System  for your registration and providing medical information, as well as clear directions to our office.

As an added service to our many local, state-wide and International patients, as well as a community service as a whole, we have provided access to a wide variety of introductory, generalized, widely accepted specialty information including many common Ear, Nose & Throat  topics.

Welcome, again to our office practice and considering our 'personalized healthcare' approach's attempt to provide you with the best in advanced, state-of-the-art, minimally invasive technologies for prevention and treatment...all with a sincere, caring attitude.

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